Login via Website

To login to the CLI via the website:

npx dlx @envtree/cli login

This will open a default browser and wait for the user to logins.

To download a configuration you can now run:

npx dlx @envtree/cli download

This will take the user through downloading a configuration

To logout run:

npx dlx @envtree/cli logout

Login via Token Authentication

This method of authentication is intended for scenarios that do not allow for browser interaction, or require zero user interaction.

Required Options:

npx dlx @envtree/cli classic <project id> <config id> <user email> <user token>

Example usage:

npx dlx @envtree/cli classic abc-abc-abc def-def-def ghi-ghi-ghi -json

This will download the config from project, abc-abc-abc, config, def-def-def, to secrets.json in the curret directory.


Help Menu

A help menu can be accessed by

npx dlx @envtree/cli --help


npx dlx @envtree/cli help <command>

Specify URL

All commands bar logout can be provided with a -u [url] or --url [url] option to allow to usage with self hosted deployments.